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My Music Websites: Insanity In Sound

Insanity In Sound was the name of our proposed production company coined by myself and The Beholder back in 1994 when Vlad The Inhaler was born. When I created the original Vlad The Inhaler website, VladTheInhaler.com was not available, so I registered the name InsanityInSound.com to house the site.

For years I monitored the domain VladTheInhaler.com, and when whoever owned it let it lapse, I grabbed it and built a new Vlad The Inhaler website. At that point I also created websites in tribute of the other main bands I had been in and InsanityInSound.com became a portal to all three sites with a musical biography of myself.

Also on the site you will see the unfinished Death Dealer meets The Redneck Zombies Trilogy which was an audio trilogy done in college with friends that I was turning into a Flash Movie Series.

My Music Websites: Gladiators Of Pain

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Gladiators Of Pain was technically my second band, but the first that was actually significant. We formed in 1987 when I was a freshman in High School. We were together until 1993 or so, and in that time released two cassettes, did many shows in the Jersey Shore area, and built a decent following called the "Disciples Of Pain".

The website was built as a tribute, since we were long broken up at the time it was created around the year 2005. On the site, you will find all the photos of the band I had in my possession, which meant scanning actual photos, (remember those?).

When I was building the site I was also working on transferring all the old shows on VHS to DVD. I was going to release them to friends of the band but in the end it was easier to just upload everything to youTube, and you can find the GOP youTube channel from the site.

My Music Websites: Vlad The Inhaler (Vintage)

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Vlad The Inhaler was my second significant band and was formed in 1994 when I was in college. I was living in an apartment with the soon to be named Whip. One weekend the soon to be named Beholder and I brought up my drum set and we all started jamming until 4 in the morning on many a night.

We had many guest musicians, but the circle of three remained constant. We only really finalized 3 songs, Vlad The Inhaler, Cowbells, and Catburgler, but we recorded every jam and ended up with a huge library of useable riffs, rhythms and beats.

The band was off and on for many years, and the website was created during one of those reforming time periods. The whole website is written by me in the fashion that we used to talk about how our jams formed, and is more like a mythical creative story. The entertaining story chronicles most our breakups and reformations as attacks on the circle by The Gods.

My Music Websites: Vlad’s Mystical Minstrels

Vlad's Mystical Minstrels was a band that formed in between one of the Vlad The Inhaler breakups. Two friends of mine were doing some acoustic jams on covers to do some bar gigs. They decided they wanted to change from an acoustic duet to an actual bar band and met with me, and the would be bassist one night at the Middletown Diner to discuss.

We played mostly classic rock songs, and some current, but with a twist. We thrashed them up a little bit. So well known tunes, played fast and hard, The best of both worlds! I proposed the name Vlad's Mystical Minstrels and after some deliberation, it was agreed upon. We played one great show to a large crowd at Brookdale Community college. Unfortunately soon after the show, a disagreement over adding more members lead to a split.

The site is a basic tribute with the story of the band, some (unfortunately bad quality) audio clips, and a Vlad The Impaler mini-site embedded, as Vlad The Impaler was the Vlad referred to when I created the name of the band.

My Music Websites: Vlad The Inhaler

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Vlad The Inhaler reformed in 2010 after a reunion show organized by Vlad The Outlaw (Formally The Whip). The Beholder was unable to attend due to a move out of the area, and The Outlaw asked longtime friend soon to be named Vlad The Tardy, to fill in. After the show due to The Beholder being out of state permanently, and The Tardy working out on guitar, he was asked to join the band permanently.

This incarnation of the band has taken the riffs, rhythms and beats from the tapes created so many years ago, and with some new music as well, turned them into actual written songs. We currently have around 14 songs, with some available on our demo The Human Infection. We did a short support tour for the album which included 2 Horror/Film Conventions, and one Hometown Halloween Party show at JC's Mojo.

With the new lineup, and new web technologies available, this new site was built from scratch, while leaving the old Vlad Site (seen above) up as a tribute.