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Dracul Collectibles is my online collectible store. The name "Dracul" is father of Dracula, which I liked the sound of due to my initial role in the formation of the Vlad bands, as well as being involved in every given Vlad name associated with the band. That being said, Dracul Collectibles has nothing to do with the band Vlad The Inhaler.

For years I collected action figures and statues and would buy extras when possible of items that at the time were popular to sell. What started as a way to make a few extra bucks got a bit out of control as I ended up with loads of stuff that wasn't selling as hoped. I did some toy shows, were I had moderate success and when I first learned webdesign I made a website.

The website started off pretty lame as it wasn't shopp-able, and just showcased what was available if they contacted me. Through the years it evolved to the fully functional and shopp-able online store it is now.

Through the years I got rid of alot of the bulk figures I had, and my stock has morphed more into stuff from my Personal Collection that I had originally intended to keep, but now would like to recoup the cash. So if you are looking for old Spawn, Star Wars, Wrestling Figures, Moore Action Collectibles, DC and Marvel as well as other Statues and Busts, come see what we have!