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My Art & Design Product & Services Websites

My Art & Design Websites: Enforcer Webdesign

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Enforcer Webdesign, Video & Graphics LLC is my services website. The name basically says it all. I do webdesign, graphic design for print and web, and video production. I use the Adobe Creative Suite for all my Graphics and Video Editing.

If you need me to come do any video shooting I use a high end "Prosumer" Panasonic HD digital video camera. I have several green screens as well as black and some other colored backdrops. So if you need any type video I am here for you. My wife also does photography.

The latest version off the site design tries to bridge the gap between my artistic side and the quest for actual clients who may be more conservative. It outlines the various services and the different ways you might need or utilize them for your business. The portfolio sections of the site are actually still in the format of the design version before.

Besides customers I am also looking for people to work with video-wise. So if you are a video camera operator but not that into editing and would like to work out a situation where we work together, please contact me.

My Art & Design Websites: Vlad's Undead Angels / Enforcer Designs

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Enforcer Designs / Vlad's Undead Angels are my artistic product lines. Enforcer Designs was the original name but has become more an umbrella name to other product/character lines. While working to develop a horrific, eerie look for Enforcer Designs with other artists I work with, I happened upon a style that although not the original direction of Enforcer Designs, I really liked alot. Thus Vlad's Undead Angels subdivision was born and is currently the main line of Enforcer Designs.

In the future look for subdivisions of the company to include Disgruntled Gear, some humorous shirts, a more musician themed line, cool baby themed gear, wildlife gear, and finally the eerie, spooky look we originally sought but have yet to perfect.

The site showcases all the current designs, as well as biographies for all (some still in progress) the Undead Angels. It portals to our Premium Clothing print on demand shop, as well as our Accessories print on demand shop. Follow our blog and keep up with what's new including current Kickstarter's being run to try and get mass printing funding. Also maybe you can find out how you can become an Undead Angel!

My Art & Design Websites: Vlad's Undead Angels / Enforcer Designs Premium Clothing Shop

Vlad's Undead Angels / Enforcer Designs Premium Clothing Store is where you can customize over 70 types of clothing per design. Being that we are just starting out and don't have the funds to mass print all the designs we create, this site makes all the designs available to you on a print on demand basis.

So come customize your colors on men, women, children and even baby clothing. We have several types of T-shirts including, muscle, tank, heavyweight, premium, tie dye, long sleeve and the list goes on. Ladies choose from baby tee's, spaghetti straps, scoop necks and more. We have many different types sweatshirts and jackets including Dickies branded sweatshirts. There is even maternity clothing, and last but not least there are shot glasses, and more!

This site represents our second print on demand clothing store, (you can see the fist one a little below on this page). I left that one up as well because it appears to ship to a few extra countries than this Spreadshirt site. But the Spreadshirt site has a far larger selection and much more reasonable shipping

My Art & Design Websites: Vlad's Undead Angels / Enforcer Designs Accessories Shop

Vlad's Undead Angels / Enforcer Designs Accessory Shop is a print on demand shop just like our Clothing Shop is. This distributor (Zazzle) offers clothing as well but not as many choices, and their digital printing method for clothing looks great, but doesn't have as large a print area, thus the 2 shops.

At this shop you can find and customize mugs, travel mugs, phone cases, laptop skins, pillows, playing cards, poker chips, mouse pads, laptop case, posters, baseball hats, and much more.

One thing to keep in mind is that unfortunately Zazzle is expensive, and the designer (me) makes very little (usually less than $5 an item). To combat this I have set most of my "commissions" to double what I would like to make, and I make sure to share promotions whenever available. They do often run 50% off sales on certain item types so be sure to follow the Vlad's Undead Angels Facebook and/or Twitters and buy when these promotions are running.

My Art & Design Websites: Enforcer Webdesign Portfolio Flash Site

Enforcer Webdesign, Video & Graphics Portfolio Website is basically the previous version of the main Enforcer Webdesign site which was done completely in Flash. While I like sites completely in Flash for a number of reasons, they aren't too good for SEO Purposes. So after some time the site was redesigned to the site you see at the top of this page.

One reason I do like Flash was the way I had it set up as a Portfolio, so when I set up the new site I kept the old site attached as just the portfolio pages with the main informational and text pages stripped out. The site breaks down my portfolio into several sections. These sections are Commissioned Graphic Design Work done for actual clients, Non-Commisioned Graphic Design Work done for classes, fun, and personal projects, Website Portfolio, Flash Animation Portfolios, a 3D Render Portfolio, and more.

The examples in these portfolios are from my earliest works up until when it was built back in 2007. A downfall to Flash is AFTER it is built, it is a pain in the ass to update with small updates, so later examples of my work are available outside of this Flash Shell in the later version of the website seen above.

My Art & Design Websites: Vlad's Undead Angels / Enforcer Designs Old T-Shirt Shop

Enforcer Designs / Vlad's Undead Angels Customizable T-Shirt Shop is the site with our original distribution partner for our designs. The quality of the shirts are very good but there were some things that left a little to be desired.

Main complaints were the shipping costs on multiple orders, which I had no control of. The distribution partner charged $4.50 shipping per shirt with no quantity discounts, and even more for shirts if you wear over a 2X. Also only 3 shirt styles are available (Men's/Unisex, Women's, and Men's Fitted) as opposed to dozens at our new distributor.

So why is it still live and displayed here?
I noticed that this distributor may ship to more international locations, so it is here for those who would like to order from me, but in an area my main distributor doesn't ship. ALSO some of the older designs from artists I no longer work with, might not make their way to the new distributor, but are still here.