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Vlad The Enforcer: Professional Skills Biography

Enforcer Webdesign & Graphics has been doing webdesign and graphic design on a freelance basis for about 20 years. Founder Jeffrey Mason graduated from Jersey City State College (Now University) in 1997. He then went on to earn a Computer Programming Certificate from the Cittone Institute in 1999. Finally Jeff graduated with a Associates Degree in Desktop Publishing from Brookdale Community College, and was certified in Graphic Design from the AVTECH Institute.

While Jeff worked full time for a company doing Graphic Design for Websites, Web Design, Video Production, Email Marketing and Social Media, Enforcer Webdesign & Graphics didn't take on any new clients for a couple years, but continued to service the clientele they had.

During this time period Jeff earned several certifications through webinar programs and seminars on Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Video Marketing. And attended countless other webinars and seminars just for the knowledge.

In November 2010 Jeff married Caglar Coral, who has some similar as well as some unique skills, and she also became his business partner. With a Journalism Degree and background Caglar is no stranger to writing, and has managed blogs as well as actual Journalism assignments and articles in her native land Turkey. Caglar also has a background in photography as well as some graphic design, and video editing. Being from Turkey, Caglar can take translating jobs from English to Turkish, and vice versa, as well as handle the writing for any Web or Graphic design that will require Turkish language.

In October 2011, armed with new knowledge's and services available, as well as a partner, Enforcer Webdesign & Graphics added the word Video to the name and officially became an LLC.

Enforcer Webdesign, Video, & Graphics LLC is now poised to help you handle all your web marketing needs. Although only officially in business since 2011, rest assured we have been working with and learning all these disciplines since 1999.